CROP CIRCLES Mysteriously Appearing In America [FULL VIDEO]

Mysterious crop circles that first appeared in England nearly twenty years ago have appeared in growing numbers and complexities in America since 1991. In contrast to the clean precision of English crop circles, the lines of American formations are often relatively crude and of a different order of design. This led hasty investigators to prematurely declare several American formations to be hoaxes. But since genuine crop formations display electromagnetic signatures and crystalline mol ecular changes in the crop, which have never been successfully hoaxed, laboratory analysis has subsequently proven that the crop circles recorded by the Center for Crop Circle Studies in America are genuine formations. At least four American crop circles have pointed to catastrophic earthquakes by latitudes and longitudes at which they appeared, and a key geometry represented by a triangle. Two of these crop circles in 1993, formed a triangle with the Sun and Moon Pyramids near Mexico City. These format

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